We strive to develop the competence and confidence in our client’s skills that foster the BE.GREAT.NOW mindset. Our professional instructors are athletes who have the passion, commitment and expertise to leverage the facilities amenities to maximize development in your performance. We cultivate relationships with schools, recruiting coordinators, professional scouts and performance trainers, to make sure our athletes have access to the knowledge necessary to reach their goals. Your goal is our priority, your future is our goal.



PAUER Sports is a Brand New Multi-Use Indoor Sports Complex in Dayton, Ohio

Automatic Pitching Tunnel

(15×65 ft.) The most advanced pitching tunnel in Dayton, used to develop batters strength, reflexes and pitch identification.

Turf Space

Over 20,000 sq. ft. rentable infield space.

8x 65ft Tunnels

Eight 65x15ft. multi-use tunnels for true pitching scenarios.

2x 40ft Tunnels

Two 40x15ft. multi-use tunnels for situational and youth drills.

Rapsodo Technology

Greatly improve hitting and pitching techniques with real-time ball flight metrics and release data​.

Pro Shop

Team apparel and custom made gear all produced IN HOUSE by our sister company Pauer Sports Apparel.

Parents Lounge

Proper relaxation areas for our sports parents.

Athletic Training Area

Weight room equipped with brand new equipment used by our expert staff to create strength and ability training programs for our clients.

Multi Purpose Space

Blank slate areas that can be converted to a variety of training methods.


Interactive training technology by HitTrax